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A professional web service provider of India Hans is also giving the latest web tools details which is widely used in website development service. Now these days every beginner wants advance web tools so that he can improve the website designing efficiency.

We are offering various free web tools to helping our on line customer.

Check the domain availability – This tool gives the detail about your selected domain name.It helps to know the availability of the name and suggests up to 10 or more possible name. This tool is also very useful for those who regularly search new domain. So, to check the availability of your domain name choice, use this tool:
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Check the detail of DomainIf you want to know the details of a specific domain. In other word we can say that if you want complete details of domain such as domain name, registrar details, register year and time and much more details which you require use this tool:
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Domain looks upThese tools offer various information about a domain in which age of domain, domain server speed, Demoz listing, Google page rank, Alexa ranking of domain, Back linking of domain, as well as listing in Yahoo, Google and MSN are included.

Page Ranking Checker –This tool provides Google page rank of a domain or a website on the various Google data centers or Google server.

Link popularity- This tool provides information about link popularity of a domain. In other word we can say that this tool gives the details about the searchable link of a domain in the search engines.

Internal Link Checker tools: An Internal Link Checker tool is used to check the internal link of a web page. If any link in your web page is not working or path does not exist then it gives the message to you.
For more details you can search XENU in google search engine

Meta Tag Analyzer: This tool is used for checking Meta tag for your web page and also suggests if you have any error regarding Meta tag.

Free Web Tools