Use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is very important concept to designing a website. CSS is representing “Cascading Style Sheets”. If you are going to updating the content of your webpage than create a CSS which is set your content text in 10 or 12 pixel. Use very sensible text format such as Arial, Verdana and Helvetica in your CSS. A white background is hard for the eyes. So must use off white or light blue color tile in your web page background. For relevancy the densecity use sub heading and main heading in your web page content and use bold tag not use strong tag. For a web page put out paragraph with a side bar and also use short description and must use more or read more button. If you are going to updating content of a web page than must use an attractive bullets as it reduce wastage space, develop visual interest and make information easily understandable and absorbed. Use absolute and perfect control width of the column of your content text. In a text line 10 or 12 word per line which give a good visibility.

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Hans team is Explaining use of CSS