Web Designing Tips

HCT (Hans Cyber Technology) is a professional website designing company. As a biggest website design company HANS experts regularly giving the tips for beginner. If you are going to design any e-commerce website, you must go through these points. These points are very helpful to you

  1. You must use CSS and text of your web page must be at 10 to 12 pixels.
  2. Use well sensible text font format some best format are Verdana, Arial, and Helvetica.
  3. Best width for smoothly reading is 400 to 440 pixels.
  4. You must use table, div and CSS for control text
  5. For best visibility use light color background dark color text such as white background black text and vise versa.
  6. Don't use heavy flash in your web page.
  7. Hyperlink of your web page. must be familiar to visitor.
  8. Use absolute path linking such as http://www.hansindia.com/aboutus.htm.
  9. Perfect visibility of your website page your web page size should be lies between 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 pixels
  10. Before uploading your website you must check all link of your website.


Website Designing Tips