Web Designing Trends 2011

As a popular website designing company in India Hans website designing experts is explaining the new trends of business website design. Now these days some new trends of website design launch such as:

Oversized Logos Headers

In this trends develop oversized logos on an equally oversized header. The advantages of these huge headers that make your visitors remember you.

Sketch Hand Drawn Design

Sketch Hand Drawn Design becomes an elemental part of corporate design and not as much the main focus of a web design. It will be used to personalize standard web copy in new and exciting ways.

Slab Typefaces Design

In slab typeface design are commonly all capital letters and are imposing and bold. Many designers have shied away from slab typefaces in the past because logos and headers were smaller and more understated.

Typography Design

In Typography Design is the special web design idea of mixing varying font sizes together is completely unthinkable. Fonts are meant to be explored, twisted, and molded to fit your purposes.

Minimalism Website Design

In minimalism website design feature lots of white space but with bold typology and surprising color schemes. Not all minimal websites will agree with the notion of black and white simplicity.

Oversized Footer Website Design

In Oversized Footer Website Design large size footer used in the layout. the advantages of these contain random information, such as feed updates from various social media, daily polls, and Flickr feeds etc.

Intro Boxes Website Design

The intro box website design will be your best bet. It forces you to condense who you are into a relatively small about of space. Intro boxes will push its own boundaries. Instead of the boring hello, designers will find new pick-up lines.

As a website designing experts of India we are analyzing latest trends of website designing for these we are providing a exit poll for knowing the views of online viewers and other website designing experts:

Which of the following do you think will be hot in web design trends 2011?

  •    Fonts
  •    Headings
  •    Custom Fonts (@font-face)
  •    Subtle / Textures Background
  •    Minimalist and Grid Design
  •    CSS3 New Features
  •    Mobile Design


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Web Design Trends 2011