Improve Your Website Visibility

As a professional website designing company in India as well as whole over world we are giving popular website designing mistake which is done by beginners. By using our tips you can improve your website visibility.

Online viewer must know what the site is about in seconds, Make your website content scan able, Don’t use fancy fonts that are unreadable, Don’t use tiny fonts, Don’t open new browser windows, Don’t resize the user’s browser windows, Don’t require a registration unless it is necessary, Never subscribe the visitor for something without his consent, Don’t overuse of Flash, Don’t play background music, If you necessary than play an audio file let the user start it, Don’t clutter your website with badges, Don’t use a homepage that just launches the “real” website, Make sure to include contact details, Don’t break the “Back” button, Don’t use blinking text, Avoid complex URL (unified resources locaters) structures, Use CSS (cashcard style sheet) over HTML tables, Make sure online viewers can search the whole website, Avoid “drop down” menus, Use best text navigation, If you are linking to PDF files disclose it


Don’t confuse the visitor with many versions, Don’t blend advertising inside the content, Use a simple navigation structure, Avoid “intros”, Don’t use FrontPage, Make your website in various browsers compatible, Make sure to include anchor text on links, Don’t use cloak links, Make website all links visible, Don’t underline or color normal text, Make clicked links change color, Don’t use animated GIFs, Make sure to use the ALT and TITLE attributes for images, Don’t use harsh colors, don’t use pop ups, don’t use Javascript links, Include functional links on your footer, Avoid long pages, don’t use horizontal scrolling, No spelling or grammatical mistakes and If you use CAPTCHA make sure the letters are readabl

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Tips of Website Visibility