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The king of search engine and the god of search engine "GOOGLE" is going to changing search engine searching algorithm as well as in the current scenario GOOGLE update the page rank which is giving by google to the most searchable website. In this time YAHOO also cover various large amount of traffic. A customer who has a professional website they must want his website get top position in both search engine. But it is quite may be possible as there is lots of different between Google search algorithm and yahoo search algorithm. But if you want than it can possible you will get good position both search engine in other words we can say that if you want you will get good place of first search result page which is search by specific keywords. Actually each search engine spider want regular updation in your web site so that spider regular visit with in short period. For this each and every page of your website need content update and meta update with in specific time. Lots of people add dynamic content and resent news by news site by using java script but it is not seo friendly as spider can not read this content. For this you want manually article and news section.

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Good Ranking in Yahoo Google