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Mobile Website SEO

Are Your Customers Mobile?

HCT has expertise in mobile version website SEO. If you have a business website and you want to attract mobile viewer than you need a mobile version website as well as mobile website search engine optimization service so that get top ranking in search engines.

As per our web promotion experts Mobile Website SEO has two phases.

  • Onsite Mobile SEO
  • Spidered and indexed by mobile search engines

Onsite Mobile SEO activities include:

  • Use 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code
  • Content Accessibility, Web Accessibility Initiative, Dive into Accessibility
  • Use small title tag targeting local search

Spidered and indexed by mobile search engines

  • Submit your mobile website site to major mobile search engines for quick spidering

Our cutting-edge mobile search engine marketing services ensure that our clients stay one step ahead of the mobile web marketing competition. Our services can make sure your clients will find you before your competitors. Contact us to find out how your business can gain that competitive edge.

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Mobile Website SEO