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Mass Mailing Services

Bulk email marketing has turned out to be a proven way to spectacularly boost the sales, generate leads, and develop trust. It is also a budget-friendly and swift online marketing campaign to assisting you to be in touch with your targeted audience. Nobody would contradict the advantages availed from the email advertising over the Internet-affordability, rapid speed, relative ease and many others.

HANS is a top-ranking provider of mass mailing services that enable you to communicate in a tremendously smooth, prompt, cost-effective and efficient manner with your customers or prospects. With dynamic development technology using which we proffer email marketing services, you can customize the subject matter of each outbound mail consistent with criteria of the database record of each of the addressees such as sending bulk email in different language, mentioning different regional contact number. What’s more, you are able to add in real time, images, paragraphs, numbers, words, barcodes, hyperlinks, or any other component in your content, according to the database field you specify.

In fact, if you want, we also offer to design the newsletters and emails you are sending creatively in order to make them eye-catching as well as expressive to the addresses.

An important thing that we take into consideration while presenting our constructive mass mailing services is that the bulk email that our clients send are not 'SPAMMED' by the spam filters just like that and reach the inbox of the recipients. That’s why, emails are sent via dedicated IP hosting and mass mailer servers. We also provide you with the list of the active and inactive mailing addresses, so that you can keep an account of your bulk email marketing endeavors.

Contact us, If you are looking for professional and secured email marketing services.

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