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Web Solutions

Static Website

Looking for a website that is informative, search engine friendly and of low cost? We have a complete solution for same in the form of Static Website. Designing Static Website comprises of top to bottom observation of your need. We have come to a level where we know how to handle the criticality of any static website. Static Websites can give you many benefits because of its easy mobility, improved usability, easy demonstration, easy updating etc. Creating such website needs a genuine potential that includes knowledge of both skill and art. It not only boosts online presence of your services or products but also fetches customers. We have professionals with us who can give you a reliable service of Static Website Designing.

Dynamic Website

For those who have business that keeps on changing and they are in need of a website that can fulfill and suit with the frequent changes of website, we have solution in the form of Dynamic Website If you are in need of an affordable and quality Dynamic Website to support your business, we can provide you the same. Dynamic website is very helpful in e-business, online databases and online shopping purposes. Dynamic website provides you a solution of such a unique website that is user friendly. It enables user interaction with website through feedback, forums and comments. We do an extensive research before completion of the website.

Flash Websites

Flash Websites can interact with the viewers very effectively and a long lasting impression can be created on the mind of viewers. The way Flash website represents your products or services is really great. If you are in need of having Flash Website, Hans Cyber Technology can provide you comprehensive solution for the same. Our Flash Website designers have experience of more than seven years. To add glory liveliness to your website we devotedly add our strength to achieve successful flash website. We provide a full fledged flash website solution at an affordable pricing.

Application Solution

Accounting Applications

Due to frequent transactions a business has to face many dilemmas to keep records of the same. A little mistake can make a big difference in company’s profit and loss. There are many companies who really need a solution that can help them out from critical accounting transactions. Without accounting applications, maintaining accounts will be a matter of errors. Hans provides accounting solutions that helps maintaining accounts easily and without involving many people. The transactions can be managed single handedly. We have designed many accounting solutions for our clients.

CRM Applications

We have solutions available with us for your Customer Relationship Management Applications that can help you out in terms of interacting with customers and all the sales in such a better manner. Our CRM solution can serve you synchronizing and organizing whole business process including customer services, sales and technical support etc. It helps achieving new customers and reducing customer and marketing services. We can provide you with the fault free CRM solutions that will be a multi beneficial support for you.

Marketing Solution

Search Engine Optimization

These days concept of online business has got much positive result in terms of getting more and more business due to its global approach. Websites are playing such a crucial role in the same. Having website is a great matter to take business at grand success. But sometimes website has to face problems of competition. There are many who provide the same what you deal in. There is no guarantee about the website that it will always remain at top positions at different search engines while search process done by viewers. To get a top position in various search engines, we provide a perfect Search Engine optimization solution SEO solution can surely take your business to more business than you perhaps ever get. We have a team of professional SEOs who study your website then come into action.


PPC is what that adds efforts with a guarantee of availability of your website in major search engines where you want to make available your website. PPC is basically a fussy process that requires some skills to handle ups and downs, while the bidding process taking place. The thing you need in the form of PPC management and PPC solution is to hire professionals who can manage all PPC activities that include sorting out their and your keywords phrases and bidding process. Hans Cyber technologies can handle all the PPC (Pay per Click) We have very experienced professional with us who provide exceptional solutions for PPC.

Mass Mailing

Mass Mailing is also counted as one of the options to promote your business to the level of where you can get unlimited success. People often get confused how to promote their business investing little money. Mass Mailing is a better option to promote business in such an effective manner. But the question is who can provide mass mailing solution. As an answer for the same, we have mass mailing solution. We have dedicated servers that allow mass mailing operation or campaign. You need not to invest money purchasing your own servers. We have developed online application as a solution to send mails to your targeted market.

Server Solution

Hosting Server

Having a dedicated server will be beneficial as you can have complete control over the server. You can have your choice of hardware and operating system by leasing dedicated hosting servers Hans Cyber Technology is available with the solution of dedicated servers that are very reliable and secure.

Mailing Servers

Basically mailing server is required for mass mailing purpose that is done to promote business or products at large scale. Mail server helps receiving incoming e-mail from local users and distant senders and forwards outgoing e-mail for delivery. Mail server has mailing applications that allows the same process. Hans Cyber Technology can provide you with our mailing servers with online applications that are very trustworthy. Using our mail servers user can access their official email account on the internet anywhere in the world. It enables them read, reply, and file their mails.

Mailing Solution

Mail Archiving

Our mail archiving solution is related to preserve all mail traffic that is of incoming and outgoing nature. By archiving mails you can easily access from a particular location in order to know the status of mails. Hans Cyber Technology has the solution who knows your all mail archiving need. We have applications to support mailing which you can have with our services.

Mass Mailing

Our mailing solution also includes solution for Mass mailing that has been adopted by our many a client to promote their business at larger scale. For the same, we have mass mailing server that is installed with online mass mailing applications. For your better mass mailing solution you can visit our website www.hansindia.com We can handle the possibilities of making it more like a full fledged promotion wok by following mass mailing campaign.

System Solution

Hardware Support

As a comprehensive hardware support company, we provide assembled computers and can provide spare parts also. We give you built to order hardware system that will be really profitable in terms of durability and performance. We have solutions available such as laptops, personal computers, and industrial computers, main boards, TFT screens, DLT Drives, PCI Cards, Memories, Writers, Printers, AGP Cards, PCI cards, Workstations and many more.

Software support

Likewise the hardware solution, Hans Cyber Technology provides Software solution with the same positive effect that facilitates having all software solutions that are very up-to-dated and prices are reasonable. All antivirus to major to minor software packages are available as our one more feature to provide you one roof IT solutions.

Networking Support

Networking solution is also a kind of our expertise we are dealing in and has facilitated many clients in Delhi and out side Delhi. We believe in providing the unsurpassed and customized networking solution that you need at an affordable value. We can provide you whatever you have thought to implement through technology at your work place, we can provide you with best alternatives. We can design and install the whole networking solution for both one roof networking and client server network. All the technical and logical aspects are given emphasis so that our networking support can be of the best quality.

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